Workshop: Engaging an international audience in seminars, conferences and lectures (October 2024)

10th and 11th April 2024 || each 9 am - 3.30 pm || University Main Building, Universitätsplatz 1, 18055 Rostock, 1st floor, right side, room 104

This two-day workshop aims to equip participants for the challenge of delivering lectures in English to an international audience, including participants from Germany and around the world. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn to address the intercultural aspects of lecturing and learning, emphasizing the use of appropriate and inclusive language. The program will provide insights into understanding the diverse perspectives of audiences and discovering effective strategies to foster engagement.
To apply the acquired knowledge, the two days will conclude with a practical session, during which participants will have the opportunity to put theory into practice. Following this session, detailed feedback will be provided by the lecturer and colleagues to enhance the learning experience.


  • Preparing to speak: breath, posture and voice
  • Understanding cultural differences in teaching and learning situations in English
  • Increasing awareness of ones’ own and other cultural contexts of learning
  • Exploring the characteristics of a great teacher
  • Internationalising curricula
  • Integrating others’ perspectives
  • Avoiding misinterpretations
  • Developing a repertoire of planning possibilities for teaching and learning in English

Number of participants 7 to 12
Language: English

Participation fee
Free of charge

Theo Best, Write English GbR (lecturer)
organized by S32 Graduate Academy Rostock || gradauni-rostockde

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