Online-Workshop: Your Research´s Potential

5th September 2024 || 9 am - 2.30 pm || online via Zoom
"What is the application potential of your own research? In this workshop, you will reflect about user groups and the network of stakeholders that surround you and your research. Why could they benefit from your research? Brainstorm potential use cases and help each other to take your ideas to the next level. Learn and practise how to convince supporters or investors of your vision and personality in our pitch training. Develop your pitch storyline and receive feedback from our experts and an interdisciplinary team of peers, who are – like you – PhDs or Postdocs with the ambition to innovate.


Your Research Canvas

  • Reflection about the potential of one’s own research topic/idea
  • Assessing potential through identifying users/stakeholders
  • Developing or extending potential use cases based on one’s research & network

Pitch Training

  • Introduction to building a convincing pitch
  • Creating & practising one’s own pitch
  • Pitch in front of an expert jury"

Workshop language: English
Deadline for registration: 2nd September 2024

Participation fee
free of charge

organized by the Falling Walls Foundation in cooperation with a partner institution
further information:

via the online form of the Falling Walls Foundation

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