Seminar: Good Research Practice and Academic Misconduct

11th July 2024 || 3.15 p.m. - ca. 5 p.m. || Campus Südstadt, exact place t.b.a.

In the academic world, there is a high potential for conflict in education and research. Disagreements become particularly delicate due to the fact that the situation between supervisor and supervisee is supposed to be a special relationship of trust – similar to the teacher-pupil or doctor-patient relationship. It is not for nothing that doctoral supervisors are called "doktorvater" or "doktormutter" in German.

This ideal supervisory relationship is increasingly under stress as most people in academia work under enormous pressure to succeed: more projects, more publications, more students.

Within this field of tension, the German Science Foundation DFG, the most important funding organisation of university research in Germany, has established ethical guidelines of good research practice and corresponding rules of compliance. At this event, two ombudspersons will inform you about the implementation of these guidelines at the University of Rostock, about academic misconduct, and about persons and institutions to contact in cases of conflict or misconduct.


  • What is good research practice?
  • Ombudspersons and the Inquiry Committee as guardians of good scientific practice
  • Previous cases of conflict and focal points of bad scientific practice / scientific misconduct
  • Additional contact persons and institutions for early career researchers at the University of Rostock

Number of participants: up to 25 participants
Course language: English

Participation fee
free of charge

Prof. Michael Rauscher and PD Rhena Schumann (Board of ombudspersons, University of Rostock)
organzised by S32 Graduate Academy Rostock || gradauni-rostockde

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